Dream Series

Children (and some big kids) have vivid imaginations, our new Dream Series strives to capture this. One of a kind pieces of art symbolising that dream state, a product that you can personalise and enjoy as a beautiful mural for your home. 

We are currently offering 2 backgrounds. 

1. The walk in the park: your child (the hero) can be leading their dream pet on a misty journey. In our example we have used a T-rex, however the creature can be changed to pretty much anything!


Dream it
Close up
Hang it

2. Floating. Bring any balloon and lets float the cries away! We can potentially change some of the background to make the image a little more familiar. 


Appointment Request

Making a Dream Series Portrait is a considerably different process than the standard photoshoot. 


It starts with a chat, whether you have an idea of your own or you are happy to give us artistic licence. We will make your vision a reality!


Your first step is to give us a call  (07 3708 1000), email (photography@henrycoughlin.com.au) or contact below with an expression of interest.




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