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12 years...Brisbane Photographer at Ashgrove Dentist

12 years is the time I had between dental appointments. I get anxious at the thought of even going to the dentist.

I knew something/numerous things weren’t the way they should be, (haven’t been eating on the left side of my mouth for over a month)… I figured it was only a matter of time before I woke up with a face the size of a thousand bee stings. So I took a shot of courage and made an appointment. My family has been going to this dentist for years, I know he’s a bit of a joker but a straight shooter when it comes to telling you how it is. He had a look around, z-ray and showed me the hole down the the nerve in molar. “come back in tomorrow I need to start on this”..I felt like fainting on the way out- (granted i feel like fainting during a blood test).

Today I went back in to start my root canal (worst case extraction)… Some people told me they aren’t so bad, others swore they’re the worst things ever- I took little to no reassurance from anyone. He jabbed me with some local anaesthetic and equipped his ‘mining gear’ and took to work - I won’t lie..the removal of my 4 nerves (1 more than normal) did hurt at some stages as I expected but overall it wasn’t too bad and I’ve gained some confidence in the ability of great dentists going in and getting out with huge skill relatively pain free. And I think eased my fear of going to the dentist.

Dentist Yuri Spelitis @ Ashgrove. Highly recommended

So don’t put it off..

Also don’t put off your photoshoot with me — while you still have your chompers! :-) HC


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