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The Firemen and The Tourists: Creative Family Portrait. Brisbane, Red Hill Photographer.

It’s no secret, we love being creative in the studio. When Rebecca dropped by and told me she wanted a family portrait which was a little off the wall I was super excited to get started.

We spent some time together and she expressed her ideas. Being new to Brisbane, Rebecca and her Husband were to be tourists and the kids playing their favourite game- being firemen! It’s so important to create these ideas with the client, sure it could all be left up to me but it isn’t anywhere near as personal as a family portrait should be.

IDEA: The kids (firemen) saving tourist parents in an iconic Brisbane landscape, perfect!

I spent some time walking around Brisbane looking for the perfect backdrop, we decided on Southbank. I then created a series of mockups, these mockups helped us guide the direction of the photoshoot and ensure that everyone has the same vision. With creative shoots the clients are especially influential in the design and creative process as we collaborate together to finish the perfect product.

THE MOCKUP: with our Southbank background.

The background was ready to go and a general idea of poses, it was time to shoot the ‘cast’. I was a little anxious as I’ve never photographed a 1 and 3 year (I’m currently working on a new image for a family with 2x8 month olds and a 3 year old) old in such a controlled environment for a creative composite image- it can get a little crazy! The tricky part is making sure all the lighting and perspectives match the environment, so when we paste the characters in the background, they look like they should be there. So it’s important to shoot a variety of poses, make numerous tweaks and upload images as we go.

*The day of the shoot*

With the photoshoot complete, I prepared numerous images with a variety of poses so Rebecca and her family could mix and match their favourite shots…then the real editing begins!

Many hours and sore eyes later the final image was complete. It makes me so proud as an artist that another family can cherish a piece of personalised, custom art forever. A family portrait through the imaginative mind of a child.

It was a pleasure to create this piece.


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