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Brisbane Pet Photography in Sunday Mail

If you bought the Sunday Mail on the 27th of March and perused the U on Sunday Magazine, you may have spotted my big mug with my big pug in the featured article section.

I knew the article was coming for some time, but didn’t know when… my wife and I spent about a month buying the paper and excitedly flipping through the pages- so it was a nice surprise to see it over the Easter long weekend.

The D-Team was never intended to be a series, but we couldn’t stop a good thing! It was so much fun working with the different dogs. Much like children they each have their own personality which is somewhat similar to their adopted role in the series.

Through the magic of social media the images were noticed up by a journalist (and dog lover) from the Courier Mail and after an interview, photoshoot and much to and fro’ing the article was complete!

We don’t intend to stop at the 6 we’ve made. We would love to do commissioned pet portraits in a similar style (we can do other animals too!) So please if you would like your own unique, personalised piece of art of your beloved fur baby- we would love to make it for you, contact us !


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