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Poultry Portraits: Red Hill Pet Photographer

When Celeste and Dakota approached us wanting a unique and fun couple photoshoot with their animals, we were expecting dogs, cats, possibly a guinea pig. Much to our surprise/ delight they brought their beautiful chickens into the studio. These heritage chickens (I learned a lot about chickens that day) were beautiful and so well mannered.

To ensure they were kept calm, we kept the studio extra dark and cool as well as covering their cage with a sheet while we individually handled them. We started off photographing them one by one trying to capture each of their personalities.

We compiled the photographs in Photoshop to create one image. The chickens had a similar colour palette to our back drop which created a monochromatic feel to the photographs.

We also tried to photograph the chickens together which was surprisingly more successful than I would have thought. We made sure to arrange them in order to balance out their height and colour.

Red Hill Photographer photographs Chickens

It wasn’t all about the chickens (just mostly). We eventually got Celeste and Dakota involved in the photographs and we worked together deciding on a more formal look which created something more edgy as it emphasised the difference between them and their chickens. The red and yellow parts of the male rooster really added a splash of colour in contrast to Dakota’s dark suite.

We loved having these 2 (and their chickens) in the studio. We always really enjoy doing something a little different!

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