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Smokey Eye Makeup by Bre- Brisbane Beauty Photographer

This video is my take on a ‘smoky eye and red lip’ makeup look based on boudoir styling. The great thing about doing a smoky eye is that you can practically use any colour combination varying from browns, greys and even blues. The look doesn’t take much professionalism and can be seen as one of the simplest makeup looks out due to the looks lack of perfection.

In this instance I’ve used a combination of warm and dark brown shades while incorporating shades of black and lighter colours to give a nice highlighted look.

Before getting started on the eye look I applied my foundation, concealer, powder, blush, bronzer and drew in my eyebrows. I then finally moved onto my eyes.

I personally think starting out with a lighter and warmer shade on the crease of the eye tends to make the eyes look bigger and helps as a guide where to take the darker shades up to. I gradually started using darker shades to create the smokier look.

Blending your eye makeup is one of the most important tips in creating a successful eye look and takes time. Don’t rush when blending eye shadow as it’s what helps create the shape of the look. Once I was happy with the darkness and shape of the look I moved onto highlighting my centre and inner eye. Highlighting the eye with lighter shades isn’t traditionally used when creating a smoky eye, however altering a look to suit your eyes better is more than okay. Playing around with different shapes and shades when creating a certain eye look is the best way to improve your makeup skills.

I then lined my eyes with pencil eye liner, which is always a difficult task especially on camera and then moved onto mascara to finish off the bold eye look.

After completing your eyes you’ll tend to have a fair bit of excess product below your eyes, therefore it’s best to wipe that away with a fluffy brush and conceal under the eyes again, achieving a gorgeous highlighted look.

Then onto the lips! In this case I didn’t have a red lip liner which is always a life saver in doing a bold red lip look. This step helps not drawing over the lips as you use a smaller shape; then you can move onto filling in the wrest of your lips with a lipstick for that beautiful bold lip statement.

A few personal tips I focus on when creating a makeup look is to start off small, with lighter colours and gradually build up. This is when your trusty blending step comes in. Secondly, concealer, bronzer and blush can be your best friends when putting on makeup as these steps help shape your face as well as tie a heavy makeup look together.

I hope this has been helpful! Bre

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