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Unique House Portrait

Years ago I was driving around New Farm, a suburb in Brisbane admiring the scenery and realised there's a very eclectic mix of new, wacky and old style houses- a lot of personality! Light bulb moment, I decided to create my first house portrait. I didn't want to take just another photo of a house, I wanted to create something different, a little kooky and cool. The image was received quite well and won a couple of awards, so naturally I decided to keep going!

Brick House in New Farm

My second house I noticed just by chance driving home from gym one night. I took a mental snapshot and came back and took some proper photos. The result was a gloomy, run down Queenslander.

Then a few years went by, I started to make some new house portraits but was never happy with the outcome. Until this week, I's time. Back to New Farm! There wasn't much catching my eye and decided to call it quits. Heading back in the direction of home I noticed a beauty, the cousin of the above Queenslander.

I went to work putting it all together, I wanted it to be similar..but different. I'm really happy with the outcome and breaking my unique house portrait drought!

I've been asked where such houses exist- the house itself does exist but the locations do not..each image is comprised of numerous photos and pieced together. Check out the Slideshow below.

Until the next House Portrait!

Henry Coughlin

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